About Us

About Us

Freshiouz is here to cater to its customers consistently with premium, high-quality products that provide the best value for money, and a delightful buying experience.

We originally started out in a bid to sell the best meat in Bangalore. When it comes to products, we never compromise on our meat’s freshness, or hygiene. We focused on perfecting our delivery logistics to maintain the freshness of our products until it reaches our customers. We only source the best meat from the best farms. And so, we are able to deliver the highest-quality meat at accessible prices, while achieving the maximum customer satisfaction possible.

We believe that the best tasting meal is only possible if one procures the freshest meat of the best quality. No longer will our customers need to search the stores for good-quality, non-frozen meats. Now, anything they want can be delivered to them at merely the click of a button.

We don’t freeze our products as there is a chance to ruin the texture of the meat. Instead, our meats are cleaned, chilled, and vacuum-packed in order to make sure they remain fresh and ready-to-cook the moment they reach your home. On our website, what you see is what you get!

We’re all about delivering the freshest products in the freshest way. We also focus on ready-to-cook products, and ozone-washed fruits / vegetables for your convenience! Our spice mixes/marinades will help you cook meat like a champion in your own home! We don’t just make cooking easier; we make your food better… it’s that simple.